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ancient and modern, eternal and fleeting

It is summer this week, and the nation has gone quite dotty.  Deprived for so long, frozen northern bones uncurl like young ferns.  Feet wisely kept swaddled are revealed and mountains of Anglo Saxon flesh are offered up to an … Continue reading

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my breakfast with guy

It is election day.  The Hotel de Ville is deserted, the two candidates stand guard over a wheelie bin.  M Hollande looks like the Head of Accounts that you sometimes get sat next to at the office Christmas party, and … Continue reading

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viaggio in italia

Hannibal’s first thought was to avoid this impasse by making a detour, but a fresh fall of snow made further progress impossible and he was compelled to abandon the idea. These conditions were so unusual as to be almost freakish. … Continue reading

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uccelli uccellini

Tourte de Grives a la Fleurigny (Thrush Pie “Fleurigny”) Prepare the shorcrust pastry, or, better still, puff pastry, in advance.  Take some fresh plump thrushes …. Larousse Gastronomique We are having a bit of an Adlestrop moment here, without the … Continue reading

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