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a good day out

I am going to Aix to see the Ateliers du Midi exhibition. the only slot I was able to get was 0900 so, in view of the bottleneck which is always around the town and my desire to wander … Continue reading

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allez bradley!

  I have been doing quite a lot of cycling.  Even in summer, once you’re off the main road you see only  butterflies and eagles and the occasional fellow-human, usually driving a tractor.  However, the downside of four hours in  … Continue reading

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to the cities of the plain

In the dark brown wood beyond us, Where the night lies dusk and deep: Where the fox his burrow maketh, Where the tawny owl awaketh Nightly from his day-long sleep:   There Dor-hawk is thy abiding, Meadow green is not … Continue reading

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beside the seaside, beside the sea

La mer Qu´on voit danser le long des golfes clairs A des reflets d´argent La mer Des reflets changeants Sous la pluie La mer Au ciel d´été confond Ses blancs moutons Avec les anges si purs La mer bergère d´azur … Continue reading

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to market, to market

The market is full of medlars.  This sounds a bit like something a junior colleague of Smiley’s would find, scribbled in the margins of Pravda  in a rubbish bin near the Circus.  But here they are, brown and not particularly … Continue reading

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