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a nice quiet night in with the telly

  I am alone this week, for the first time in months.  The cycle of the year is solitary arrival in bracing March, prolonged battle with arachnids of various shapes who have been busy homemaking, make up fire in huge … Continue reading

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lest we forget

  The Bright Sun Brings it to Light – a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm A tailor’s apprentice was travelling about the world in search of work, and at one time he could find none, and his poverty was … Continue reading

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a small moment in the wilderness

  Remoteness has a whole new meaning in Canada.  My house in France is 12 hours’ drive from London, the little village of Tadoussac is 12 hours from Toronto and, on the map of Canada, we’ve hardly moved. The drive … Continue reading

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i could drink a case of you and still stay on my feet

I have spent much of my life Looking for America, but never really found it.  What this means, of course, is that I have never found the place which matches my idea, informed by books and films.  Jo March, Captain … Continue reading

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